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Lotus Biscoff Mediterranean Glass Cookie Jar

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This time - everything was perfect!

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I received the Mediteranean Glass Cookie Jar two years ago as a gift. It arrived broken. Even though it was a gift, I contacted Biscoff and sent them a picture of all the broken glass mixed in with the cookies. They assured me that they would send me a replacement. I never received a replacement. After this experience, I was hesitant to order again. This speaks to how much I love it heir cookies! I sent the Mediterranean Glass Cookie to my daughter. They arrived in excellent shape and she enjoyed them!As you can see I'm still a little salty about the gift I never received!


they are one of a kind

These were introduced to me when I flew Delta. I got the URL off the package and ordered them. They are very different in taste - light, not too filling like other cookies. Just right.

Pittsfield, MA

Beautiful glass jar!

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Love this jar but it is expensive. Would have loved a few more French Shortbreads and would LOVE to be able to purchase them separately. The sale price made it more do-able. Of course, the cookies are beyond compare, as always. My Biscoff cookie crusts for cheesecakes, toppings and anything else I can think of are always the hit of the gathering.

Jacksonville, FL

Beautiful Presentation

Always a big hit... so many pleasing comments about Biscoff! Gave one to my children's school, and they enjoy cookies with tea! Yum! Thank you for especially making an allergy friendly cookie - one of the main reasons I always buy Biscoff products! Thank you... thank you!


***** Love the Biscoff cookies

I sent my cousin the Biscoff cookie jar. She LOVED the cookies and the reusable glass jar

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