Wicker Gift Basket

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  • New this holiday season!
  • A Perfect gift for any occasion and can be used to store various items throughout the year. 
  • Includes 1 Lotus Biscoff Family Pack, 1 Lotus Biscoff Snack Packs 8ct., 1 bag of Biscoff Rolls and 1 jar each of Creamy and Crunchy Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter  
  • Net wt. 46 oz., 48 cookies, 1 bag rolls, 2 jars.

We stuffed this cookie gift basket with goodies. A Perfect gift for any occasion.

Includes1 Lotus Biscoff Family Pack (32 cookies per package), 2 Lotus Biscoff Snack Packs 8ct. (each pack contains eight 2-packs), 2 Lotus Biscoff Snack Packs 6ct. (each pack contains six 2-packs), and 1 jar of Lotus Biscoff Creamy Cookie Butter. New wt. 39oz., 88 cookies.

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